Robert Schroeder

Cygnus A

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Robert Schroeder | Cygnus A

Tagi albumu: Robert Schroeder | Cygnus A, Spheric Music, Robert Schroeder, muzyka elektroniczna, ambient, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Vangelis, Jarre, electronic music, Kraftwerk

ARTIST Robert Schroeder
LABEL Spheric Music
RECORD DATE 2010 (1982)
Kod produktu 006247

Lista utworów

Search Direction 4'44
Receiving Signals 8'26
Lift Off To the Galaxy 3'19
1050 Mill.Lightyears 4'24
Galaxy Cygnus-A 10'03
Constellation Swan 6'36
Interstellar Quasars 12'49


The synthesizer sounds of the eighties!
How long did we have to wait until the release of this album? Galaxie Cygnus-A has been released on LP in 1982 but never saw the light on a CD. Many Robert Schroeder fans regard Galaxie Cygnus-A as his best album so far. A big thank-you to Robert that he finally managed to release his legendary album on CD. The music has been performed in a new way, additions have been included and the result is a wonderful retro-album. The new elements enrich the clearness, the depth and the whole sound in a very convincing way! And: Lover of the classic LP-release will enjoy the new CD: the atmosphere of Galaxie Cygnus-A has been completely preserved. Including a bonus track that fits to the other tracks very much.

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