It all started from Friends of Electronic and Meditation Music Association. It was the initiative of electronic music fans, who wanted to popularise this type of music and integration of its listeners. The first kinds of activities of FEMMA were meetings of fans which started on January 1986 at the students club "SIGMA" by Warsaw University. After a couple of months of "SIGMA" functioning the headquater of the club was moved to the Ochota Centre of Culture.

At first the activities of the club were mainly listening to LPs, which weren't available to the wide circle of listeners . Later we decided to organise concerts as well. The First major event was Close Encounters with S-F Muisic. This event lasted two days and Józef Skrzek , Władysław Komendarek and Czesław Niemen played in it.

Józef Skrzek Władysław Komendarek Czesław Niemen

After three years of working "the activists" of the Association organised the first Electronic Fans Meeting - ZEF '89 in Pisz. There took part a few hundred fans of electronic music and it is still remembered as a "cult event".

konrad kucz listeners

In March 1990 FEMMA published the first in Poland fanzin devoted to electronic music and it was called Moogazyn and it appeared only four times. During the next few years there were a few big concerts. The changes in the country and financial problems of culture centres, which were the main sponsors of FEMMA resulted in closing the assosiasion activities.

In mid 90's I decided to set up Generator using the experience and contacts gained at FEMMA. It was supposed to be a follow-up of earlier activities in a new situation, more adequate way to the new conditions in Poland. Generator started selling CDs with electronic music and it became one of the first mailorder shop, just before the Internet started operating in Poland.
After almost a year of functioning I decided to reactivate fanzin. Its first edition Generator News was published in 1995 and the last number 38 was printed in 2001.

First issue of Generator News Froese The last issue of Generator News

At this time Generator took part in the reactivation of ZEF in Pisz and the creation of a new festival called Ambient in Gorlice. In these festivals played among others: Bernd Kistenmacher, Mario Schonwalder, Detlef Keller, Marek Biliński, Józef Skrzek.

Bernd Kistemacher Detlef Keller, Mario Schonwalder Józef Skrzek

Generator also cooperated with the National Radio. Jerzy Kordowicz from this radio conducted all festivals organized by us, and he also presented the most interesting CDs and Generator bestsellers charts on the air. Another major success of our work was a TV programme called Widoki El-Muzyki, which was broadcast on National Television.

Bernd Kistenmacher, Jerzy Kordowicz Jerzy Kordowicz i Ziemowit Poniatowski Jerzy Kordowicz and Bohdan Mazurek

In 2008 Generator expanded its activities to introducing Polish E-Music in the world and in the same year GENERATOR.PL label was created. Since then musicians such as Kucz, Zawadziśnki or Rudź are known by electronic music fans in the whole world.

Ziemowit Poniatowski

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