Robert Schroeder

30 Years After

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Robert Schroeder | 30 Years After

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ARTIST Robert Schroeder
LABEL Spheric Music
Kod produktu 005904

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30 Years Before
All You Can Dream
Let It Flow
Destination Galactica
A New Message
Mood Control
30 Years After


With his legendary debut album Harmonic Ascendant in 1979 Robert Schroeder started his 30 years long career as musician and sound creator of Electronic Music. Its useful to call this new and 19th solo work 30 Years After. Music and cover artwork connects the past and present days. It was the Minimoog, the PPG, the ARP or KORG-synthesizer, which once earned us a new kind of music, which enchanted us and gave us dreams and has to be level today. Electronic Music is a new term for a new type of music since the 70s. Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk, Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream were pioneers, paving the way for this new music. On his new CD 30 Years After Robert Schroeder has crossed the sounds and atmospheres of once with the current opportunities. A short cut from Harmonic Ascendant opens this varied CD. Track 2 – a total change of scenery, groovy rhythms and still exciting atmosphere. Deep sphere sounds leads Hypnotics over to the postmodern title All You Can Dream. A shared downbeat track with discreet voice samples and exciting arrangement and - how in films - it has a happy end. Modifiers is an upbeat-analogue-sequencer-power-track with flying elements, powerful, massive and spacey. Let it flow... the title is program. A relaxed and very characteristic downbeat track with great tunes, atmospheres and sounds - dream and fly away. Destination Galactica is Electronic Music a' la Berlin School by the finest, horny sequences, choirs and ARP melodies in the 70s / 80s years style, as we like it. The track glides in deep spheres over to A New Message, a piece of dreams, soul and sliding. Similar economy to the legendary The Message, te successful track from the 80's, are certainly felt. It's not wrong, just listen to the great track with a lovely downbeat atmosphere. The other tracks you should not miss. All in all 30 Years After is a well mixed concept album with a lot of variety, traditional and modern electronic sounds. You will experience this CD on good headphones as exciting and varied journey - your journey. 30 Years After... thank you... have great fun.

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