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Tomasz Zawadziński | Saved As


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ARTIST Tomasz Zawadziński
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Lista utworów

The Search (Zawadziński, Jędraszek)
Millions Of Stars (Zawadziński)
Analog Pulses (Zawadziński)
Another World (Zawadziński, Jędraszek)
Beats & Pads (Zawadziński)
Electronic Bossanova (Zawadziński)
Rhythmic Waves (Zawadziński)


After 5 years of silence, Tomasz Zawadzinski makes a return on disk with an album containing tracks wrote between 2000 and 2007. A collection of titles forgotten in his musical attic among which the influences of Tangerine Dream, area Exit, The Thief and Wavelength cannot be ignored. More Cartesian than Sounds Like Pictures and Follow Me with 8 very melodious pieces of music. Saved As follows Follow Me tangent where Zawadzinski showed a surprising musical versatility.
A heavy reverberation opens the musical doors of The Search. We are in fully into Exit area with a synth to resonant sparks of which tentacular fibers form soft oriental strata, while a wriggling sequence draws a nervous tempo where sequences chords skip like bouncing balls of undisciplined heights. References to Dream abound here on this piece of music; hopping sequences subdivided into several fragments, fluid synths, almost whispering ones, and harmonious, percussions in Poland style. Brief, a musical universe that we know ears deeply, except for this so personal touch of Tomasz Zawadzinski who modulates and splits his rhythms with softness and ability, beneath beautiful enchanting and melancholic strata, as well as beautiful synth solos. Imaginative, warm, sometimes nostalgic and well drawn solos, a little as the musical universe he used us to. Softer, in spite of its keys of a keyboard filled of resonances, One million of Stars is a cosmic ode which unravels such a soft melody with a synth weakened by beautiful dreamlike solos. A soft sequential movement shapes a soft rhythmic which accentuates gradually by heavy resonant notes which are always encircled by this soft dreamy synth. Analog Pulse starts as a soft cosmic bed song with spaced out chords which float in an oblivion illuminated by brief synthesized breaths. A little jazzy piece of music where Spyra influences can be heard, here and there. In the middle, a sequence espouses these dreamy chords which were wandering in the cosmos, molding a steadier rhythm beneath a synth to resonant solos.
The intro of Another World plunges us into a strange outer space where misled keys float slowly under a discreet pulsation. The rhythm livens up around this sound constellation, as a linear race where sequences run under suave pads of a stoical synth and chords of a keyboard which run in loops in a semi cosmic trance. The kind of music we would expected by Kraftwerk if they had put aside their robotic musical approach. Intro with a synth to vaporous solos and hesitating paces, Beats & Pads eventually lays a tempo fed by zigzagging sequences. A strange track which is situated between two rhythms and which swims in a synthesized cortex unique to Tomasz Zawadzinski musical world, which amazes with a techno finale inflated to pulsating steroids.
Electronic Bossanova has of its title only a strange sonorous rumba of which the rhythmic bases are soft sequences which roll in muddled loops under a keyboard to erratic chords and a synth to suave solo. Another delicate title where arpeggios skip slightly under hazes of a morphic synth, Rhythmic Waves seems to come out of a Wavelength recording session. A very beautiful title which mystifies at each listening, so much the musical depth there is omnipresent.
I would say less colossal than Sounds Like Pictures and Follow Me, than I would be fair. Because, although very melodious, Saved As misses a little of the audacity that characterized the first 2 albums of Tomasz Zawadzinski on generator pl. label. Nevertheless, it is a very beautiful album where the Polish synthesist preserves this dreamlike tenderness that made so much the charms of his previous albums with title like Analog Pulse, Electronic Bossanova and Rhythmic Waves. Those who like ambiguous tones of the digital years Tangerine Dream are going to be crazy about The Search and Beats and Pads. In any good consider, if there was an album to introduce you to the world of Tomasz Zawadzinski, I would recommend Saved As. A good way to polish you ears before melting for Sounds Like Pictures and Follow Me.

Sylvain Lupari

I assume there is not a single devoted Berlin School-fan, who wouldn't associate the title track The Search immediately with one of the most enthralling impressions made by Tangerine Dream at the peak of their career. Tomasz Zawadzinski also gives the opener of his newest record Saved As such a title and this a very good sign indeed. The album has exactly the Virgin-Years-of-Tangerine-Dream atmosphere, but still it wouldn't be fair to talk about copying Tangerine Dream's arrangements and feels - although once upon a time one obviously had to invent the sequential formula and the descendants' task is every now and then not that difficult. Zawadzinski does not imitate Edgar Froese & Co., he is simply able to take the Listener on a journey to some other possible world, where there reigns an atmosphere as impressive as the very one known from the classical Berlin School works. The Search is in such a way both intuitive and melodious, conceptually open and musically (teleo)logical, abstract and film-like. All these attributes could easily be used to describe the whole album. Zawadzinski's impressions, even when they are rather short, help the Listener fall into a specific audio-visual trance, into a particular colourful mood, and exactly this is and should be the very goal of powerful sequential electronica... The title of the second track is Millions of Stars, but the piece has also here more in common with Tangerine Dream - soundtracks as with Jean-Michel Jarre's Metamorphoses. Analog Pulses and Another World are good old pumping sequential-impressions combining typical Berlin-dynamics and "spatial swinging" as far as chords and short improvisations are concerned. In Beats / Pads Zawadzinski once more conjures a Tangerine Dream - atmosphere, but this time we sail - or fly - towards younger lands, those inhabited by Dream Mixes-like sounds. Electronic Bossanova comes with an attractive, sad, velvet solo appearing on a slightly nostalgic background, and the final Rhythmic Waves emerges from an ingeniously simple - and thereby ingeniously powerful - sequential theme, somewhat related to "rhythmic waves" generated by the members of Kraftwerk back in the eighties. Saved As is a great and complex work - it's impossible not to hear that Zawadzinski not only loves, but simply feels the groove and the atmosphere of electronic music. He has plenty to say here on the electronic field, and he creates his sequential moods in a slyly fresh way.

Igor Wróblewski

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