Blindmachine, Drom66, JDan Project, Friends

Sequential Friends

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Blindmachine, Drom66, JDan Project, Friends | Sequential Friends


Tagi albumu: Blindmachine, Drom66, JDan Project, Friends | Sequential Friends,, Blindmachine, JDan Project, muzyka elektroniczna, ambient, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Vangelis, Jarre, electronic music, Kraftwerk

ARTIST Blindmachine JDan Project
Kod produktu 007808

Lista utworów

Do you remember Berlin? (Blindmachine)
3ITI (Blindmachine, Drom66, JDan Project)
Floating Space (Blindmachine, Drom66, JDan Project)
Remembering Klaus Blindmachine, JDan Project, feat. Asuntar)
Sorcerers DB.AK (Blindmachine, Drom66, feat. Asuntar, Katod)

Opis label is preparing a musical feast for fans of classic sequential playing handful drawing from the style of the 70's of the last century created at our western neighbors. The Berlin school dominated the latest proposal of the el-music quintet under Blindmachine's command, who, in various configurations, fills the whole album with compositions. Here we can hear his cooperation with synthesists hiding under the pseudonyms of Drom66, JDan Project, Asuntar (who had already recorded for Generator) and a talented guitarist with the pseudonym of Katod. Music is thrifty in expression, hypnotic, introducing to the world of reflection and mystery. That is everything that constitutes the success of this very old species. As you can see, it still has a large group of devotees not only among the composers themselves, but also the publishers and the most important in this group - listeners. The album contains five compositions with opening over a 20-minute suite Do you remember Berlin? rapidly introducing the earlier achievements of Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze. Titles of subsequent tracks also refer to the classics of the genre, which the fan of sequential landscapes will surely decipher. It seems that the Berlin school has something of immortality, which for many years will ensure a steady supply of interesting releases. Such as the album Sequential Friends.


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