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  • Jerome Froese | Cases of Recurrence

    Jerome Froese | Cases of Recurrence

    Cases Of Recurrence is a compilation of all the tracks from Jerome's EP's which came out in the last seven years. Some of them were only available on CD-R or as Web download. Now it's possible to have them all on one release plus two tracks which are previously unreleased on CD.

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    Availability: Only on request | product: 1CD

    18,60 EUR
  • Jerome Froese | Far Side of the Face

    Jerome Froese | Far Side of the Face

    Seven time GRAMMY nominated and Berlin based musician, Jerome Froese, is certainly one of the most creative guitar-electro-rockers on the instrumental music scene. After seven years of prolific releases, he's ready to release his third solo album Far Side Of The Face in June 2012. This album is a culmination of hard work, creativity and passion and of course a consistent further development of his own created music style called: GUITARTRONICA.
    As special guest musician Jerome Froese invited long time Tangerine Dream keyboarder and highly praised solo artist Johannes Schmoelling to play some of his characteristic overdrive and analog style melodies and effects on two songs. Johannes Schmoelling was a driving force on TD's classic albums: Tangram, White Eagle and Logos just to name a few.
    Far Side Of The Face is a mixture of conciliative and optimistic tunes combined with Jerome's signature sound of guitar sequencing, pumping beats, FX gimmickry and atmospheric layers, making his music to be one of a kind. On Far Side Of The Face you'll find longing, devotion and self-discovery and by the time the album concludes you’ll feel you’ve taken part on an intimate journey.

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    Availability: Temporary absence | product: 1CD

    17,42 EUR
  • Tangerine Dream | Dream Mixes 5

    Tangerine Dream | Dream Mixes 5

    When Edgar Froese and Jerome met in Berlin in October 2009, they easily came to the decision to start a new common project: The release of a further Dream Mixes album! As so many of you have been asking for this continuation of dynamic remixes since a long time, the project now materialized. Enjoy a couple of timeless Tangerine Dream tracks in a very new and cool dress!

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    Availability: Goods in stock | product: 1CD

    16,79 EUR