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Piotr Gepert

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  • Piotr Gepert | Anunnaki

    Piotr Gepert | Anunnaki

    After Adam Bownik and Vanderson there is another ambitious Polish composer and performer of berlin school EM who has just started artistic activity. Piotr Gepert and his debut in Generator.pl label gives us almost one hour of melodic, rhythmic electronic music with significant sequentional stigma. Title of the album alluding to ancient mythology from Euphrates-Tigris valley, suggests strong contemplating and soulful character of the release, and truly all the compositions convincingly build a consistent message allowing the listener to move into a completely different dimensions, far away beyond the comfortable home armchair. Original compositions, elaborate arrangements, interesting sound solutions and, above all, full control over the musical tissue are sufficient reasons to follow further proposals of Piotr Gepert. Let us hope that he will soon be revealed during the concerts promoting this very successful album. Fans of the genre should be delighted!

    P. R.

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