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Yarek | Organix


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Tagi albumu: Yarek | Organix, Generator.pl, Yarek, muzyka elektroniczna, ambient, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Vangelis, Jarre, electronic music, Kraftwerk

LABEL Generator.pl
RECORD DATE 2009 (2005)
Kod produktu 005823

Lista utworów

China Town
Koralowa Rafa
No Sequence
Radio Active
Zx Electro


A while after his splendid debut in the Generator.pl label, Yarek prepared a new work: Organix. This album is filled with satisfying, deep, rich sounds, already from the very beginning of the China Town - introduction: what we are dealing here with is a truly moving melange of analogue and digital/computer sound-layers. Daab is not exactly that kind of Dub associated with Bill Laswell or Mad Professor; it is rather a chilling-blue hommage to Jean Michel Jarre and his famous Oxygene. Delfin is for me the best piece on the whole album, a fascinating synthesis of traditional Berlin-inspired electronica and abstract "new sounds": on the one hand we have here a smooth, polifonic ostinato, on the other hand some vocal samples as if taken directly from a dark-ambient piece by Monolake! The fourth piece in the set, Fluidion, is a further proof that Yarek is an ingenious eclectic composer: convex and concave shiny ostinato-structured sounds in the background are deeply rooted in the sequential tradition, whereas the sheer tempo of the piece and some further arrangement details make this composition an ideal candidate for some nice Fax Records Compilation (well, a compilation filled with "well-tempered", Passing Airwhales - like impressions rather than granular-synthesis - or techno-experiments, that's for sure). My next favourite one, apart from Delfin, is the fifth piece entitled Lachemma. Yarek was without any doubt fascinated with contemporary Klaus Schulze's music as presented on Farscape or Contemporary Works. The Listener will be very satisfied with this impression, filled with dreamy abandoned sequences with a slight ethno-flavour, skillfully combined with improvised ad-libitum female vocals. Three further impressions: Koralowa Rafa, No Sequence and Radio Active are multi-layered recordings rich in vocal and abstract samples: Yarek definitely had a jolly good idea how to combine traditional sequential electronica, Jean-Michel Jarre's influences and Frankfurt chill-out in a very fresh way. Wiena is a subtle play between sultry dissonances and chrome-tissued chords plus some sombre solo-synthesizer phasing bringing in the mood of a navy-blue, digitalized snake, climbing over sequential rocks and stones. This piece is my third favourite one in the Organix set. The final composition Zx Electro is an intriguing development of sombre, murky moods presented before, every now and then with less beats and sequential blocks; after a while there reigns perfect darkness, and still there are some synthesizer murmurs and recurring sample waves to be found in the spectacle. A very fascinating and very "organic" journey indeed... a highly recommended one.

Igor Wróblewski

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