Tangerine Dream

Lisbon 2010

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Tangerine Dream | Lisbon 2010

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ARTIST Tangerine Dream
LABEL Eastgate Music
Kod produktu 006224

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25th March, 2010, 9:30 pm. Tangerine Dream entered the stage of the beautiful big Coliseum theatre in the middle of Lisbon, Portugal's capital. After a very strange live cello quartet performance followed by a suddenly 'wiped out' opening with Linda playing an outstanding grand piano solo, you´ll hear what Tangerine Dream stands for after more than four decades: the style, the sound, the compositions. Here - once more - you can witness why this band is original and incomparable - just 'in it' for the art of timeless music. Set yourself free from your daily routines and join for more than a three hours' travel to your landscapes of imagination. By the way, those who joined the Zeitgeist Concert in the London Royal Albert Hall in April 2010 will be happy to get at least a video from the Lisbon show as it was nearly the same show except from three tracks which were only performed in Lisbon (Therefore the band had to miss out the second Encore which you had in London...). So enjoy this unusual sonic and visual testimony of time!

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