Tangerine Dream

La Divina Commedia

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Tangerine Dream | La Divina Commedia

Tagi albumu: Tangerine Dream | La Divina Commedia, Kscope, Tangerine Dream, muzyka elektroniczna, ambient, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Vangelis, Jarre, electronic music, Kraftwerk

ARTIST Tangerine Dream
LABEL Kscope
Kod produktu 008280

Lista utworów

CD1 Inferno
Before the closing of the day
The spirit of Virgil
Minotaurae hunt at dawn
Those once broke the first word
Dante in dispair
Io non mor
Vidi tre facce
At the deepest point in space
L'omperador del doloroso regno
Voices in a starless night
Fear and longing
Fallen for Death
Where all light went silent
Charon, il barchere
La grey de los almas perdidas
Justice of the karma law
As the sun moves towards heaven
Beatrice, l'ame infinie
CD2 Purgatorio p.1
Above the Great Dry Land
Chasing the Bad Seed
Slave to the Gods
Hope and Glory
Sun Son's Seal (p. one)
Beyond All Suns
All the Steps to Heaven
Mountain of Destiny
CD3 Puragtorio p.2
The Glowing Zodiac Wheel
Modern Cave Men
Death of Medusa
Blinded by the World's Desire
Sun Son's Seal (p. two)
Till the End of Silence
Prison and Paradise
Spirit Spiral
CD4 Paradiso p.1
La Grande Spirale
Beyond Sodom and Gomorrha
La Ley de la Montana
A Cielo della Luna
Mercury Sphere
L'Era della Venere
Invisible Sun
Jupiter Lighting
CD5 Paradiso p.2
La Forza del Saturno
Stars in Distance Glow
No more Birth, no more Death
Truth beyond Thoughts
L'ultima Tromba d'Oro
DVD Dante's Inferno - Filmed at Castle Nideggen, Cologne, Germany, August 23rd & 24th 2002
Before The Closing Of The Day 4:34
The Spirit Of Virgil 2:38
Minotaurae Hunt At Dawn 3:23
Those Once Broke The First Word 3:36
Dante In Despair 3:28
lo Non Mor 5:49
Vidi Tre Facce 4:42
At The Deepest Point In Space 2:37
L’Omperador Del Doloroso Regno 4:47
Voices In A Starless Night 4:12
Fear And Longing 3:09
Fallen For Death 4:38
Where All The Light Went Silent 3:39
Charon, Il Barchere 4:01
La Grey De Los Almas Perdidas 7:29
Justice Of The Karma Law 3:02
As The Sun moves Towards Heaven 7:58
Beatrice, L'Âme Infinie 4:40
+ Rehearsal 9:09
+ Dressing Room 3:32
+ Waldtanz 3:39
+ Interviews 17:51

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