Rudy Adrian

Distant Stars

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Rudy Adrian | Distant Stars

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ARTIST Adrian Rudy
LABEL Lotuspike
Kod produktu 006186

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Distant Stars
Le Songe Du Singe
Voyage Through Darkness
Entering The Temple Of Haruk...


Distant Stars is Rudy Adrian's third release on the label, and with it he leaves behind the earthly world and its natural surroundings that so inspired his previous works, MoonWater and Desert Realms. This time the inspiration is the solitary ambience and vast expanse one might experience when exploring the distant stars of deep space. The album began to take shape in 2008 when, as Rudy explains, "I found myself inspired to create some longer floating pieces that seemed evocative of exploring deep space, so I started experimenting with the idea of creating an album consisting entirely of dark, 'deep space' music." The result of Rudy's experiment is a bona fide spacemusic album with an honest purity that easily holds its own next to the true classics of the genre. The extensive electronic ambient spacescapes run deep with wonder and curiosity. At times the mood of the record is uncertain and foreboding as if to underscore the loneliness of the journey, while at other times the music is rich with restrained beauty and awe, hinting at the unseen marvels of the cosmos. According to Rudy, "A reviewer once suggested that the best way to experience this sort of music is to lie in the middle of the room with the lights out. Whichever way we choose to listen to it, I hope it will assist our exploration of not only the imaginary outer reaches of space, but also our innermost thoughts."
Distant Stars is the artfully crafted realization of such a heartfelt inspiration.

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