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Rene Splinter | Almery

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ARTIST Rene Splinter
LABEL MellowJet
NUMBER cdr-rs1002
Kod produktu 006213

Lista utworów

Tunnel Vision [7:49]
Encom [8:05]
The Flight of the Pterodactyl [4:08]
Almery [8:11]
The Laughing Magician [28:00]


Rene Splinter produced his album Almery about 20 years ago, exactly between 1988 and 1989. This album was unreleased so far. Im August 2010 René played his first but excellent concert at Gruga in Essen, Germany. I was present and recognized some to me unknown songs. So I asked Rene if this music is new produced and he simply answered that there is a second album besides Transit Realities from the late '80th called Almery. He gave me a copy and 6 weeks later we finished the remaster and make a new CDR on MellowJet Records. Like Transit Realities, Almery is a perfect EM-album with the original sounds of that time, means late '80th: Elka Synthex, Korg Mono/Poly, SCI Pro-One, Yamaha CS20-M, Korg DDD1, Roland TR808 and more Synthesizers were used to produce an awesome album full of melodies, sequences and rythems. Today this sound is as intoxicating as 20 years ago. Enjoy another so far unreleased album of Rene Splinter.

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