Przemysław Rudź

Self-Replicating Intelligent Spawn

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Przemysław Rudź | Self-Replicating Intelligent Spawn


Tagi albumu: Przemysław Rudź | Self-Replicating Intelligent Spawn,, Przemysław Rudź, muzyka elektroniczna, ambient, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Vangelis, Jarre, electronic music, Kraftwerk

ARTIST Przemysław Rudź
Kod produktu 006218

Lista utworów

Stroll Along The Paths On A Chip (5:59)
Neuronal Disorders Inside A Silicon Brain (13:35)
The Race Towards A Knowledge (4:04)
The 20th Century Dark Echoes (9:48)
Short Message To Tomorrow (3:37)
Giant Leap For Mankind (feat. Dominik Chmurski) (23:45)part 1 - Floating Over Mare Tranquillitatispart 2 - Extraterrestial Sensei
Home Again (feat. Matthew "Sax" Campbell) (7:40)


Sunny side up - welcome to the bright side of piano lounge, open the window immediately, breathe in these slightly tangerine notes (soon there appear some subtle autumn electronics in the background). After such an introduction, track two, a 13-minute long journey through firing cells and moaning electronic choir-tunnels is quite a surprise indeed. Still, the classic electronica touch is present here, mainly in the second part of this piece. This composition is an amazing abstract illustration, which every Listener may interpret in her own special way. As soon as track three slides in, get ready to greet - or fight - loud cyberinvaders, who definitely enjoy good melodies (this track reminds me of Mike Oldfield or... Laser Dance, but mind you, I mean it in a positive sense). After this short interlude we change the overall mood once more. This time we can surf on lounge-pop waves towards the horizon of amassed snowy clouds and electrifying keyboard solos. It's quite a thrill for all those of you, who like the typical sound of the Neu Harmony label and its eclectic conjoint of sequential tradition and 'lite electronica': this track has its charm and groove, and that's why I'd like to dub it the 'greatest hit' featured on this CD. What we are dealing with here, is ambitious music, so it's no wonder that our 'hit' is ca. 10 minutes long... Still, my favourite moment so far is this splendid introduction to track five, built over an unbelievably catchy tune, which sounds as if it were played on 'electronic lute'. The music gets faster and louder, the whole turns out to be a pretty cool sample of 'electronic rock according to Przemyslaw Rudz'. The lute-motiv comes back, this time it sounds yet fuller and sappier, probably because of the additional percussive workout accompanying it. And yet another surprise - the most powerful keyboard solo of the album! Nevertheless, it seems that all these tracks are an overture to the opus magnum, a 24-minute long odyssey, in which Rudz mixes fairytale-ambience a la Kitaro, sequential electronica and eclectic sounds reminding of Asana's Shrine. On top of it - famous words by Neil Armstrong. The last track is a nice walk along the edge of a beach, you can hear birds soaring, and I could swear that I also heard, due to Rudz's synthesizers, the setting sun calming the afternoon water. Przemyslaw Rudz has as usual done a good job of taking the Listener on a surprising journey. On this journey one has an impression that the music does not ooze from the speakers, but comes from within the Listener, perfectly accompanying her thoughts and feelings.

Igor Wróblewski

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