World of Apes

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Moonbooter | World of Apes

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ARTIST Moonbooter
LABEL MellowJet
NUMBER cd-mb1001
Kod produktu 006082

Lista utworów

living in Apeland 06:46
inside nukes 06:23
M.A.D. (Mutual assured destruction) 05:04
Cowboy und Indianer 05:59
Losing innocence 04:30
Atomic Train 04:50
gently terminated 05:47
A new hope 05:22
You will be OK 04:37
the war begins 07:23
the melancholy within 05:54
Brahma Astra 07:05


World of Apes is my 7th album. I asked myself, if I was able to realise this very serious theme of the concept album with the inevitable respect musically. As a start I first closed in on the theme and collected musical sketches for more than one year, read a lot, watched films and documentations and scrutinised my own attitude. What theme it is? World of Apes describes the civilisation of our world in the year 2010 and the aligned unconciousness of determining the worldwide nuclear arms race finally. With this very personal album I only reflect a few selected aspects of the historical development from the ignition of the first nuclear bomb on July 16th, 1945 to the Cold War from the 40th to the 80th. The more facts I learned about this period during my research, the more interesting but also frightening this theme became to me. I learned that the technical developments of NASA had been used to develop even stronger and more efficient nuclear weapons. Or, that until today more than 1900 tests with nuclear weapons took place on our planet earth. Or, that every newtime nuclear weapon is 1000 times stronger than Little Boy, the first atomic bomb that was dropped on the city of Hiroshima in August 1945.
The last 18 months taught me a healthy dosage of cynicism. Because without this cynicism a serious examination of this theme would have been impossible for me at closer inspection. This cynicism is also reflected in the artwork.
For the production of World of Apes I collected many interesting, historical sound recordings and put them into a musical correlation. The experiences from many of my productions from the last 25 years helped me realising my idea. Moreover, I sampled tonal material from these historical recordings and played them as alienated instruments. This created a very special authenticity of the sounds.
Additionally, the remaining nuclear radiation of a true Trinitite of the first nuclear explosion on July 16th 1945 had been measured with a contamination meter and the amplitude had been transcribed to musical-data. Based on random timings of the radioactive degeneration I established quantification patterns after hours of test-measurements and transferred them on sequencer-patterns, rhythms etc. Sound-technically World of Apes is at highest level. Various modern synthesizers but also vintage-devices from the past 30 years have been used. These have been recorded with the most modern technologies and completed with gently used natural instruments and affectionately finished. As usual for all moonbooter productions, I put much emphasis on mixing of the music. Those who enjoy this album with adequate equipment will realise the multiple small sound details which are best audible with ear-phones. This album is, as already mentioned, a very personal album that should be thought-provoking. To be continued...

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