Mind Over Matter

On the Wings of the Wind

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Mind Over Matter | On the Wings of the Wind

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ARTIST Mind Over Matter
LABEL Heart & Mind
Kod produktu 006315

Lista utworów

Crossing Jamuna River (Balloonflight Of Our Fantasy) (10:59)
Mountain Thunder (14:53)
Journey To Brittany (14:37)
Fullmoon Desert (12:07)
Cloud Ghosts (11:48)


Delicate soundscapes open ‘Crossing Jamuna River (Balloonflight Of Our Fantasy)’ with singing insects which charm on lapping water. With such a title and the inner sleeve that goes in it, we easily guess that we fly over the Jamuna River, by one peaceful moment that gives us the chance to hear the wind as far as it can't interfere. The synth floats among the marvellous breaths of a recorder. The peace of the atmosphere, the fusion between the flute and synth on sitar chords is a unique moment of appeasement which extends our vision far away boring the horizon. Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock is in paradise. As high as the clouds, him and his flutist companion Volker Kuinke, twice European Gasballooning Champion, furrow the heights of Asia in search of inspiration. And on this first track, we are with them. We close our eyes and the connection is made. We have the feeling to be there, that we also see the images that their music describes so well - tenderness and amazement - a great inspired track.
It is with astonishing thunders that ‘Mountain Thunder’ begins, a tribal spirit title with tabla percussion that floats on rich Mellotron layers to lascivious movements.
The noise of flowing water mixes with the magic breaths of Volker Kuinke's flute, on the ‘Journey to Brittany’ intro. A celestial voice rises among this transition, half animal, half human, it moults itself in ethereal breaths, as synthetic passages that the wind raises at the top of clouds. Floating, with melodious fluty harmonies ‘Journey to Brittany’ owes its beauty to its environment.
A strange tic-tac emerges from an insects concerto that a tiny shimmering swirl half buries. ‘Fullmoon Desert’ becomes a superb melody on an atonic movement, stuffed of chimes and scintillating serpentines of harmonious keys which twist with tenderness.
‘Cloud Ghosts’ opens on drones which join to soft flute breaths, rocked by synthetic pads, hardly mutable, this slow procession progresses on a beautiful sensual bass which undulates an animated intonation of fine tabla percussion. ‘Cloud Ghosts’ is a beautiful title of a nostalgic softness that a beautiful flute oversizes the beauty on splendid synthetic layers that blow in an environment with hostile murmurs.
‘On the Wings of the Wind’ is a whole musical voyage where MIND OVER MATTER traces a romantic portrait of a planet end that our eyes will undoubtedly never see, but that our ears will have seen, thanks to the perspicacity of MIND OVER MATTER.

Sylvain Lupari www.Guts Of Darkness

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