Joy of Life

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Karunesh | Joy of Life

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ARTIST Karunesh
LABEL Real Music
Kod produktu 005342

Lista utworów

Morning Celebration 5:08
Longing for the Unknown 7:17
Evening Reflections 7:04
Flowing Bamboo 6:05
Return of the Rains 5:48
Joy of Life 6:55
Sahara Sunset 5:47
Shruti's Song 6:30


This heart-centered album features Indian-inspired melodies that will spark your creative side. The album’s producer, Karunesh (Sanskrit for “compassion”), studied with musicians from around the world for five years while living in a German ashram. Now he creates spiritually oriented world-fusion CDs. In Joy of Life, he blends the modern and traditional, the acoustic and electric, to create tunes that open the heart and quiet the mind. Most songs open like a prayerful surrender, with mystical chimes and introspective single notes from a haunting female Indian vocalist, or an Indian violin, sitar, or bansuri (bamboo flute). These notes are soon joined by hypnotic percussion to create vibrant yet nurturing tracks. Each song is a story – a story of love, loss, hope, and sadness that graces a life fully embraced.

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