Harald Grosskopf

Synthesist 2010

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Harald Grosskopf | Synthesist 2010

Tagi albumu: Harald Grosskopf | Synthesist 2010, MellowJet, Harald Grosskopf, muzyka elektroniczna, ambient, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Vangelis, Jarre, electronic music, Kraftwerk

ARTIST Harald Grosskopf
LABEL MellowJet
NUMBER cd-hg1001
Kod produktu 006215

Lista utworów

VIVACISSIMO CON MOTO (136 bpm) 05:56
ANDANTE AMOROSO (122 bpm) 10:27
ALLEGRO CON FUOCO (124 bpm) 05:44
LARGO CON DOLORE ( 85 bpm) 08:32
MODERATO GIUSTO (115 bpm) 08:31
VIVACE RISOLUTO (130 bpm) 06:34
VIVACISSIMO CON BRIO (140 bpm) 05:35
ALLEGRO MARCATO ( 97 bpm) 06:27
PRESTO MA NON TROPPO (261 bpm) 05:22
VIVACE LUGUBRE (132 bpm) 09:11
ANDANTE MOSSO (128 bpm) 05:24


With his debut solo album Synthesist, Harald Grosskopf was celebrated as successful solo-musician of the electronic music scene already in the early '80th. Although he mainly appeared as drummer of bands or projects such as Klaus Schulze, Ashra, Wallenstein or Scorpions as well, Synthesist became one of electronic music-history's milestones.
30 years passed and it is consequently the right time for a sequel. His new album Synthesist 2010 does not at all warm-up old songs. Therefore his new artwork is no refreshed copy of the first phrase. On the contrary! Synthesists 2010 is dominated by rhythm-accentuated electronics, hypnotic elements in interplay with world-typical melodies, once dark, once happy. Intermediate, unknown, nearly experimentally appearing elements are flashing up. Just typical Harald Großkopf. Great as it is. Useless searching for fixed arrangements. Harald is playing, consciously or unconsciously, with unexpected and new song structures. Tender melodies on hot damping beats: this album is the proof that this can work without conflict. The mixture of "vintage" and "high end" is perfectly realised. Admitted, it will take some effort, but the price is a wonderful musical emotion at second glance. The one who considers this will always discover new elements, even after the 1000th run. To much promised? Of course not. Expect the unexpected.

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