Food For Fantasy

Fresh Food

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Food For Fantasy | Fresh Food

Tagi albumu: Food For Fantasy | Fresh Food, Spheric Music, Food for Fantasy, muzyka elektroniczna, ambient, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Vangelis, Jarre, electronic music, Kraftwerk

ARTIST Food for Fantasy
LABEL Spheric Music
Kod produktu 006175

Lista utworów

Living In Amerika 9'33
Lost Dreams 6'37
Electric Structures 6'26
Food Hunter 11'11
Once Upon A Time 8'26
The Universal Drive 5'33
Flying Objects 6'24
It Doesn't Matter 6'12
Motion 6'38
True Fairytales 5'36


Fresh Food is the title of the new Food fo Fatasy album. The artists Dreamstar and Phil Molto again present with this fantastic album a new work, after the successful rebirth of the legendary project Double Fantasy in the year 2006 with the album The Secret Of Dreamin (Spheric Music, SMCD-2011). Food for Fantasy is particularly characterised by his own music style, which was designated as "Californian Groove" at the end of the 80's in the USA. The fresh sound of modern synthesizers, paired with spherical guitar melodies, unusual synthesizer atmospheres, groovy sequences and rhythms, beautiful melodies and warm guitar sound charms a spacey atmosphere, which offers works like a gentle summer breath and a feeling of sun, freedom, adventure, experience and relaxation. The Americans connect this music with lifestyle, music to the drive on the endless highways.
While the two preceded CD albums The Secret OF Dreamin and Fruits of Fantasy were considered in music more to continue the Original style of Double Fantasy, the current production Fresh Food is aligned to further development. The 10 tracks of this new Electronic Music CD offer different atmospheres, from spherically dreamy downbeat to rhythmical lively upbeat. Also friends of longer tracks come here at their expense. Altogether, this would fulfill Robert Schroeder produced album expec-tations for good Electronic Music.

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