Eric Van Der Heijden

Da Capo

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Eric Van Der Heijden | Da Capo

Tagi albumu: Eric Van Der Heijden | Da Capo, Groove Unlimited, Eric Van Der Heijden, muzyka elektroniczna, ambient, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Vangelis, Jarre, electronic music, Kraftwerk

ARTIST Eric Van Der Heijden
LABEL Groove Unlimited
Kod produktu 006334

Lista utworów

Tempo Rubato - Guesstimate
Berceuse Dolce - Field of Dreams
Andante Volante - Walking on a Cloud
Da Capo - The Light Beyond
Coda Piccolo - A Tiny Tale
Attacca Con Brio - AC Powered
Futura Immacolata - The Innocence of Tomorrow
Crescendo a Due - Evolution for Two
En Log - Testosterony's Epilog


Da Capo was one of the first pieces I composed for the new CD. Somewhere in 1995 I combined the one note sequence with the melodic parts. The sequence changed a bit but the rest is still the same.
OK the tittle, 1993 till 95 was a period with a lot of problems, but somehow I kept smiling and wanted to see everything positively. Da Capo means : start over again, from the top, in music it is very often used. That's why I choose this title, with the sub-title The Light Beyond, after a dark period there comes always a lighter period.
Tempo Rubato - Guesstimate, Tempo Rubato : in music it means that you can freely play, your own tempo. Guesstimate : guess or given an estimate of that tempo´ Berceuse Dolce - Field of Dreams, Berceuse is in music a "lullaby" a sleep-song, Dolce is soft. Field of dreams after the movie with Kevin Costner Andante Volante - Walking on a cloud Andante is the tempo name for walking tempo, volante is light, with wings. So walking an a cloud Da Capo - The Light Beyond see above Coda Piccolo - A Tiny Tale. Coda is the end, the tail of a music piece, piccolo is little, a tiny tale ( tail ??? ) a short story Attacca con Brio - AC powered. Attacca : the word for : attack. con brio : lively AC powered. A= Anneke my eldest daughter, C=Charlotte : the second one. AC/DC ´.. driven /powered by the energy released by the love of your children Futura Immacolata - The Innocence of Tomorrow. Futura : the future. Immacolata : innocent Crescendo a Due - Evolution for Two. Crescendo is in music the increase of volume. a Due : for two Evolution for two : in a relationship you grow, it evolves "Hidden Track" Epilog - Testosterony's Epilog. Written when I was 36, after a rather wild period I "wrote" the epilog for my testosteron, the male hormon.

Eric van der Heijden

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