Conrad Schnitzler


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Conrad Schnitzler | Control

Tagi albumu: Conrad Schnitzler | Control, Captain Trip, Conrad Schnitzler, muzyka elektroniczna, ambient, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Vangelis, Jarre, electronic music, Kraftwerk

ARTIST Conrad Schnitzler
LABEL Captain Trip
Kod produktu 005714

Lista utworów

Echoing Dramatic Cumalative Whirling Tension [4:00]
Low Altitude Minimal Largo [3:04]
Gently Distorted Music Box In A Frying Pan [1:43]
Propellers In Contrary Motion [2:08]
Ignited Crashing Meteors [3:35]
Contrapuntal Interstellar Radars [3:32]
Exploding Springs IN Layers [2:31]
Glass Burial Mechanism [1:34]
Planet Revolution Pendulum [3:41]
Clock-Chime Ballet [2:42]
Drifting Space Shuttle [4:26]
Solar Light Reflections [3:53]
Polychromatic Interplays [2:45]
Atonal Honking Horn Interlude With Revolving Light [2:40]
Golden Specks In Compressed Brass [1:55]
Processed Cheese Mouth Organ [2:48]
Rain Bouncing On A Propeller [2:26]
Broken And Transposed Factory Alarm [3:27]
Harmonium With Cream [0:49]
Spotlight Sprinkler With Whimsical Recurrence [3:37]
Elastic Cartoon Whistle With Steady Pulse [3:00]
Stereo Blasting Cannon With Sparse Refractors [3:30]
Composition With Gongs, Dots, Streaks And Triangle [3:57]
Thick Informal Smears [2:16]
Buckled Wheel [2:16]

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