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24653 completed orders
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phone +48 601 21 00 22

We sell only new and original publications.

  • We work with the majority of producers and publishers of electronic music from around the world.
  • Many of our publications is derived directly from the artists, which always gives guarantee of authenticity.
  • Albums can send in as-received them from the label. We don't foil albums, if they were not wrapped in foil in the label with us will also be without the foil.
  • We don't copy discs, or if the artist or the label sells albums "burned" - we also deliver the album "burned".

Various possibilities ordering - we are not a supermarket, we approach each client individually

  • Online shop - so easiest.
  • E-Mail - you can choose something from our offer and order by e-mail.
  • SMS - if you do not have access to the Internet.
  • Telephone - it can be, but we can not always answer the call
  • Letter - if you do not use electronics at all :-)
Remember to include your address. If you were an existing customer just your name.

Advantages of purchasing and registering in our online store

  • Transparent system of presentation albums. The ability to search and sort them in different ways.
  • Discounts for regular customers and recipients of the newsletter.
  • Listen to sample tracks, suspicion about the possibility of other customers have chosen you are interested in buying this album.
  • Storage Space. Goods that do not want to buy now you can add to the storage space and return to them for some time. You can also transfer albums from your cart to storage and vice versa.
  • Graphical information about shipping costs before order confirmation.
  • The ability to save different shipping addresses for one customer.
  • Preview your order history and status of their implementation.

Honest information about the availability of stock.

  • Goods in stock - this means that the album is in stock and can ship it within a few days.
  • Temporary absence - now do not have this album, we look forward to its delivery. You can order this product, but will guarantee fast delivery, or 100% certainty of receipt of the album.
  • Last items. After selling the last piece of our warehouse merchandise to be withdrawn from the offer. It should hurry up with his purchase.
  • Only on request. This album will get only on special order. Before you order, please contact us.
Note that, to order the album, which is not in stock, along with the title, which is available in stock will hold shipment until complete package. On request, we can divide such a package, or replace the missing title to another. We are open to changes in orders before their execution.


  • We send CDs per recomended letters only.
  • Parcels are usually sent once a week. We're asking You kindly not to expect an express realisation of Your order, because we are by no means an Internet supermarket.
  • We accept payments through PAYPAL system or cash in recomended letter (without paypal fees, but with your risk). To the shipping costs we add 5% of the total purchase for the PAYPAL fees.

Safely send wrapped plates

we care about the CDs we secure bubble wrap send per carton

  • Goods always send carefully protected in plastic bubble and carton.
  • Before receiving the parcel watch it.
  • If you can see that the package was opened or the shipment is damaged mechanically - do not get it. Make a complaint at the post office and contact us.

According to Polish law, the buyer client releases on CD, DVD, etc., not entitled to reimbursement if not satisfied with your purchase.

  • Within 14 days you can only pay publishers orygialnie foiled, intact.
  • Products purchased by special order in general can not be returned.

Complaints can be submitted via the form on the website.

  • You received a different product than ordered. There is no mention of the problem on the right.
  • Plate or cover is damaged - if we have in stock, we will send a new one.
  • Package arrived in good condition but something "not playing" - it certainly will take care of the matter positively.