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Piotr Krupski

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  • Piotr Krupski, Friends | Electronic Worlds

    Piotr Krupski, Friends | Electronic Worlds

    Piotr Krupski, talented musician from the city of Elbląg, is known for some interesting projects like Kombimus, Elbing 1904 and Light of truth. His latest work and simultanously debut in Generator.pl label brings a wide spectrum of collaborations with many synthetists - Władysław Komendarek, Sławomir and Tomasz Łosowski, Sebastian Orda-Sztark, Dieter Werner, Andrzej Mierzyński, Christian Rossle, Christian Rössle and Dariusz Wilk. Despite the gathering of artists penetrating distant EM climates and moods, the album surprisingly has both cohesive and conceptual spirit. Its strength is lyrical mysterious onirism, wide sound plans, eclecticism combining different styles of classical electronic music. Another virtue of the album is that the musicians mentioned above, especially the most deserving ones, can be seen as intergenerational bridges, which are the continuation of the development of the native Polish electronic scene. The album has exceptional contemplative character, emphasizing all what electronic music listners like most.


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