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  • Tangerine Dream | Quantum Gate, Quantum Key

    Tangerine Dream | Quantum Gate, Quantum Key


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  • Polaris | Desert Run

    Polaris | Desert Run

    New Bestseller
    The track titles suggest a concept album built around desert theme, but luckily we don't have to suffer any sitar doodlings, camel baa-ing or muezin-style vocal samples. This is top-notch relaxing, rhythmic Berlin School sound. The music is more about flying over the desert than struggling through its sands.
    This record is by no means a "set-the-sequence-on-and-doodle-for-15-minutes" boring Berlin School. True, it employs sequencing intensely, but offers much more than that. Just when you think you know what to expect the next minute, Polaris rotates gently his musical kaleidoscope and all the pieces fall into new place forming another convincing soundscape.
    Desert Run is a musical work on its own, and there are no obvious nods to big EM names. In case you've never heard the style of Polaris, and need some guidance as to how to place this in your musical landscape, after scratching my head I might think of the works of Emmens & Heij (who produce tracks much in the euphoric run of Oasis) or even Redshift (the dark intense parts of Derweze or Hastings CutOff). Yes, it's that good.
    So here we have the new opus by Polaris who remained silent since 2014's Way Out:
    Fata Morgana (13:16) opens with grandeur choral pads, soon to be supplemented by multi-layered sequences and delicate percussives. Around 2:20 it suddenly feels like getting the first sip of your favourite old whiskey: yes, it's the classy Polaris sound, all the fragrances are there in perfect proportions. Sit back and enjoy the taste! By 4:20 a strong soaring solo kicks in, and so well done it is. This record surely won't allow for boredom.The track progresses with myriads of sequences falling like rain from breathy pads that glide like heavy clouds over the horizon. My ears caught some soft tron sounds towards the end. There's an impression here, that I first got while listening to Way Out, of misty depth of the landscape, much like seeing a mountain range on a rainy evening, discovering layer after layer in the distance. This music is more than just a sum of its elements. I have 6 of his previous albums on my shelf but must admit this might be my fav track by Polaris. Whoa. After such an opener, where do we go next?
    Derweze (9:34) draws its name from a Turkmenistan site where earth gas keeps burning in a large crater nonstop since 1971, making a great visual spectacle at night time. The mood gets darker at first, but not for long. Slow rhythm works steadily under washes of atmospheric keys, and the chord progression from 7:30 onwards makes you nod to the music without even knowing. And then there's a little flutey tron solo that nicely concludes the track.
    Next one is Dunes (11:40), starting with a fat synth underneath and a meandering solo on top. Soon there's a bassline and drum loop added, forming a relaxed flowing music where sequences stay calmer and usher in some brilliant soloing. This tune shows Polaris' more reflective side. Nice work.
    Hastings CutOff (9:50) starts in much darker and more industrial feeling, the synths get more angular, jumping around like metal hornets. This is again counterbalanced soon by soothing pads in the background. Then halfway through the track there's a superb mood change, when things get real cosmic and a TB303-like loop rises, at first subdued and restrained, but we old acidheads know it's gonna mutate and wriggle, we know it... and soon it does, gaining more squelch, and from here we float slowly on a spacey acid trip until it ends in an echoed crescendo.
    Oasis (8:12) starts blissfully with light pads, and then quick twinkling sequences set in one by one. Polaris soon throws a magnificent solo into the mix. The massive sequencing erupts again around 5:20 and this is one of the finest moments of the whole album. All in all it's an airy, sunny and breathy closure to entire Desert Run, one of those I never want it to finish tracks.
    Great step forward in his musical career, while pleasing old fans like myself, Desert Run is well worth the wait.

    Michał Żelazowski

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    11,01 EUR
  • Robert Rich | The Biode

    Robert Rich | The Biode

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    14,29 EUR
  • Robert Kanaan | Echoes

    Robert Kanaan | Echoes

    Good price
    Pojedynczy czysty dźwięk jest jak początek. Dodając kolejny, podejmujemy rozmowę. Echoes to poszukiwanie czystej, pierwotnej wartości dźwięku. Czystość i harmonia jest tu równie ważna, co przestrzeń i cisza.
    Kiedy fortepian i syntezatory spotykają się ze skrzypcami, powstaje harmonia przeciwieństw, równowaga napięć. W takiej konstrukcji każda nuta jest ważna, a klarowność pozostaje największą wartością. Tematem Echoes są dalekie światy, lądy odległe w czasie i przestrzeni, w których czystość i harmonia była wartością immanentną.

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  • Przemysław Rudź | Master Of Own Fate

    Przemysław Rudź | Master Of Own Fate

    After a warm reception of the album 3C, dedicated to Tri-City (where Rudź lives and works), recorded with the aces of Polish el-scene - Krzysztof Duda and Robert Kanaan, Przemysław Rudź returns with a new solo work entitled Master Of Own Fate. The master of own fate is not only the composer himself, but also those to whom the record is dedicated - the people of the sea. Their hard and dangerous work, full of everyday challenges and uncertainty of reaching the destination port, is like a continuation of the 3C concept, after all beautiful port cities of Gdansk and Gdynia (two parts of Tri-City) have become such ports for many. In the musical layer it is a classic Rudź with his searching for a part of the common of electronics and progressive rock, this time in an energetic and sometimes pathetic form. The title suite, multi-layered and epic, refers to many similarly formally constructed works by Rudź, in which, as in the mirror, reflects his fascination with unconventional music, that is original and requiring the listener to submit himself entirely to the composer's narration. In return, we get a ticket to explore fantastic worlds, where analogue sounds, synthesizer passages, pastel landscapes and expressive solo performances create another important achievement of the Polish school of classical electronic music. Big recommendation!

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    11,01 EUR
  • Bas Broekhuis, Detlef Keller, Mario Schonwalder | Yellow

    Bas Broekhuis, Detlef Keller, Mario Schonwalder | Yellow

    Duet Keller & Schönwälder kiedyś najpierw zauroczył, a później wręcz zanudził słuchaczy swymi dźwiękowymi pętlami i bitami. Wraz z Basem Broekhuisem w 2007 roku albumem Orange zainicjowali nowy muzyczny cykl – kolorów. Kolejno ukazały się płyty zatytułowane Blue, Red i Green, a po 10 latach od rozpoczęcia projektu wydali album Yellow.
    Otwierający płytę utwór Yellow Stone kipi energią i pomysłami niczym gejzery z tytułowego parku narodowego. Dla odmiany, kolejny utwór Yellow Sun jest spokojny jak Słońce w okresie minimum swej aktywności. Następny (Yellow Train) rozwija się niczym sławetne bolero, a może raczej rozpędza jak lokomotywa w wierszu Juliana Tuwima. Nie osiąga jednak szybkosci pendolino. Większe tempa i górnolotne solówki pozostawili muzycy na czwartą część (Yellow Cab). Ostatni utwór Yellow And Purple sygnalizuje kolejny kolor cyklu.
    Całkiem przyjemne to ich kolorowe "nudzenie"!


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    14,94 EUR
  • Blindmachine, Asuntar | Cosmos in Your Mind

    Blindmachine, Asuntar | Cosmos in Your Mind

    Blindmachine / Asuntar's collaboration, entitled Cosmos In Your Mind, is a successful experiment in creating spatial musical soundscapes, ambient backgrounds, spiced up with sequences that do not dominate the rest of the arrangements. The whole album is full of electronic sounds, stereo effects circling between the speakers and vocoder monologues, enhancing the highly illustrative form of this difficult but very interesting music. It is true that this is a niche work, rather for connoisseurs of the genre, but even less experienced listeners should find here many references to the classics of meditative electronic music, such as Tangerine Dream in the mid 70s of the last century. The composition entitled Neuronium, probably the best on the album, makes you feel the spirit of the Berliners when they created such masterpieces like Phaedra or Stratosfear. It is worth listening!


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    11,01 EUR
  • Przemysław Rudź, Krzysztof Duda, Robert Kanaan | 3C

    Przemysław Rudź, Krzysztof Duda, Robert Kanaan | 3C

    Good price

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    6,74 EUR
  • Kitaro | Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai vol. 5

    Kitaro | Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai vol. 5

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    16,22 EUR